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This website will list as many non halal certified products and brands as possible. Buying non halal certified products is your choice. Information provided is done so with the Support Non Halalbest intentions, but is not guaranteed accurate. Product and brand images are for representation purposes only. Please email if you find an error, and it will be corrected as soon as is humanly possible.

Printed list of non halal brands

Non Halal brandsPrint out the pdf and fold in half to make a handy shopping guide – lists all current non halal brands or products listed under “Non halal brands” on the right.

Nonhalal2019Feb10 (pdf) Recently added brands now in bold.

Latest News

Feb 2019

Firstly, apologies to supporters, as there hadn’t been any updates for quite some time.
An updated list has been published. Two cheese companies have gone. They are no longer listed as their websites no longer work and one apparently went into receivership. The Old Cheddar Cheese Co and Heritage Country Cheese are no longer listed.

Further news – while they have not replied to our emails I can not confirm, but “apparently” DBC/Dardanup Butchering Co are halal “accredited” (they can source halal produce for restaurants that request halal produce), but do not halal slaughter. I would like to know if they pay halal accreditation fees, but to date there has been no answer to my emails.

9.10.2017 – Amber Flow honey available in WA, non halal and 100% pure Australian (local) honey.

18.4.2017 – Multiple emails to Sanitarium and they have confirmed they NO LONGER halal certify! Their last certification expired several months ago. Their website update is in progress.

12.4.2017 – Peters Icecream not halal certified!

12.4.2017 – Rumour is that Sanitarium is no longer halal certified. Confirmed.
5.4.2017 – Meat producer supplying Tasmania and Victoria, non halal, please support Greenham Tasmania Natural Beef.

Snack Brands confirm many of their products are halal certified. Their brands, including CC’s, French Fries, Kettle, Thins, Natural Chip Company have been removed from our non halal list.

This is the facebook page (verified by himself via his business page, and also by others) of the supposedly “leading halal certifier” in Australia. Don’t bother posting to his page because he deletes any comment that hits a nerve, and only leaves comments that entertain him. He also blocks anyone who has a legitimate point to make. It has been established that this page does in fact belong to the person named. olmouthy2It appears he uses this page to mock opposers of halal certification, seemingly without accountability. So much for professionalism.

Screenshot below taken 24.5.2016, the post was removed shortly after the screenshots circulated.




Petition to producers – Cancel your halal certification

Over 800 signatures in 6 hours, please sign and share via email, Facebook and any social media you have access to.  While we had hoped the government would act on the findings of the inquiry, they have done nothing. We now appeal to producers and hope we can wake a few of them up.


Why does the government appear to be destroying our country? Grab a coffee and view several explosive videos added.

From the Quran

Quran 5.5
“This day [all] good foods have been made lawful, and the food of those who were given the Scripture is lawful for you and your food is lawful for them.”

Scam. Government fools to allow this to continue.

Corruption in our Government?

One world order, the UN objective.

Well worth a listen.

1975, Australia signed up to the UN Lima Declaration.

Professor David Flint AM “Give us back our country”

Watch more and decide yourself!


Halal certification funds the spread of islam.

Halal certification fees pay for the planning, building and maintenance of mosques, islamic books into Western and islamic schools, islamic charities (some very questionable destinations) – all to spread islam.

Australian Islamist: We will establish a caliphate, instate shari’a, make Arabic official language! “On the streets, there will be only shari’a dress code”.


link will take you to Facebook video

Where does the money go?


link will take you to Facebook video

Islamic “terror cells”, watch and share this video










link will take you to Facebook video


New documentary released, please watch.

Ever wondered why mainstream media don’t show you the real news? Have you ever thought that many government statements and policies are just ludicrous? Why is it that the people can see the problems, but governments refuse to accept, or act, in the best interest of your nation?
A global conspiracy would explain it all. If we were to start with 9/11, and prove that to be a totally orchestrated event, with the cooperation of mainstream media, the US and CIA, then could one conclude that the global conflict we are facing today is not being attacked by the conspiracers, it is being aided by the conspiracers? Will global conflict eventually lead the UN to impose One World Order, with the cooperation of participating nations? Australia witnessed only recently, leaders who are not sympathetic to the UN’s agenda are removed. Will the UN dictate your nations direction? One set of laws? What if that one set of laws was (eventually) Sharia?

Please watch this documentary.

An important message from an ex muslim

link will take you to Facebook video


This video is from the UK. This will be Australia if we keep funding islam through halal certification and allowing islam to dominate and destroy all facets of our law and culture, piece by piece.

Please watch and share this Australian Media report that apparently never made it to air. Halal certification fees must only benefit islamic interests (that is Sharia Law). The halal certification fees that Australian producers and consumers are paying, are all funding the islamisation of Australia, and the globe.


Letters from supporters

I seriously feel discriminated against as I have been eating halal foods without my knowledge, I am forced to find out product by product and be lied to at times where products are not labeled as halal but are paying fees on my behalf and hiding the fact. I find that most companies that hold the halal certification do not put it on the products deliberately and have even removed them when they lost sales. I urge you to look at making these companies display the logo if they are so proud of the halal certification. The first thing that is said is we are not breaking the law by not labeling things halal. Maybe its time to change the law.

I find it insulting that I have been eating halal bread and drinking halal milk here in Australia its been forced upon me and its not right.

I also find that all sugar is halal no choice for the consumer surely that’s not right ? Many thanks T… Baking non halal bread no 12 today as I write this.






A REAL AUSTRALIAN (name withheld).


Please read a new article, well worth reading

stating halal certification is in contradiction of the Quran.


Be sure to check out the Halal certified list also, FYI halal certified list, which is also updated regularly.

New FYI EXTENSIVE list of Western Australian halal certified abattoirs, eating places, etc, see here.

Article from the Australian Daily Telegraph

DailyTelegraph From the article: “What they say to the Australian companies is that if they don’t get the ­certification they won’t be able to sell in those countries.”

The Byron Bay Cookie company earlier this year said it spent $1500 annually on certification fees, while Fleurieu Milk Company — which cancelled its halal accreditation before recertifying this year — spent $1000.

The company won a $50,000 contract to supply the airline Emirates with ­yoghurt after recertifying.

An Islamic meat industry source claimed the majority of large Australian meat manufacturers paid big sums to organisations ­including AFIC, SICHMA and Halal Australia. “Big companies like ­Murray Valley and Red Lea, they have paid for halal ­accreditation,” he said.

The halal industry is not policed by a parent body and fees are not publicly disclosed. The Islamic community has been conflicted by the standard of halal ­certification, with ­Hanafi followers seeking meat and food prepared only through traditional methods.

A senate inquiry, which has attracted more than a 1000 submissions, is probing food certification schemes linked to halal, kosher, organic and ­genetically modified foods.

AFIC, which ­operates halal certification and schools, and raked in almost $6 million last year, said revenue from its halal operations helped fund its [Islamic] schools. “AFIC’s other activities, the main one being halal certification, is used to support [Islamic] schools,” it said in a June statement.

Read the full article here:

New feature!

We are currently updating all products with locality information so you will be able to search by region. If you know of any product that is available in your region, PLEASE LET US KNOW, so we can update the product details accordingly.
Update product details, including new location fields add/remove/edit a product here.

Updated! Printed list

Printable list is now located at the top of this page.


Finally, Senate inquiry underway.
Certifications for halal and kosher foods are among those to be investigated by a parliamentary inquiry.

“The Australian senate is launching an inquiry into food certification and labelling in the wake of concerns over halal certification.

South Australian Liberal senator Cory Bernardi led the push for the six-month inquiry, with a motion to examine food certification schemes and certifiers in Australia passed with government backing today.”

Business Insider article, May 13th, read online

Keep up the boycotting, we must maintain pressure on businesses and government to ban halal certification.

How far to take your boycotting?

“Arnotts does not certify its products sold in Australia or New Zealand based on any particular religious beliefs” – this is the standard reply to halal certification enquiries made to Arnotts. When specifically asked if any of their exports carry halal certification, you will either be ignored or get the same response again. This unfortunately is a common way to hide halal certification from Australian consumers. Openly declare that none of our products (our division, this factory, domestic products only, this particular business name or brand) carry halal certification, BUT the company DOES support halal certification within the business, which WILL mean you are supporting halal certification if you buy any of their products. For the die-hard boycotters, if the company supports halal certification directly, in any part of their business – they will be boycotted.

Reply from Arnotts Australia when asked specifically about premises and exports, the second time (generic response received the first time):
“Thank you for your email to Arnotts Biscuits.
We do have products made in Malaysia and Indonesia. To sell products in certain markets we require Halal-certification. These products are not made in Australia.
Arnotts Australia do not pay for Halal certification on any of our Australian-made export products.”
(bold and underlining added to highlight key words). One could conclude that Arnotts Australia do pay HC on their products manufactured overseas, for them, by them. They happen to be big enough to produce all exports that “require” HC, offshore. Correspondence and company info screenshots.

Dominos Australia – has recently ceased providing halal meals! Please support Dominos!

Previously – when asked, Dominos declared they don’t “pay” any halal certification fees, BUT, they have trained (at their cost) staff, so that they can provide halal certified premises. Non Halal believes that a business that supports halal certification should be boycotted whenever possible, not only the outlet that is “halal certified” but all outlets in the chain.

Globally, major brands and fast food chains have halal certified premises, products and/or ingredients throughout the globe. If consumers boycott a chain or brand in Australia (that they know carries halal certification in Europe or the UK for eg., they have a much better chance of 1. Making sure that chain does not consider halal certification in Australia; and 2. Can hopefully put pressure on their global partners to drop halal certification, as it is hurting the brand globally.

Tell them!

Boycotting is getting through to producers slowly, but take the time to TELL them that you are one of the many who will continue to boycott any producer that supports halal certification. Once they KNOW their sales are dropping, not by any GFC fallout or other reason, but because Australians are actively boycotting any producer that supports the islamic tax called halal certification, we can hope that they will seriously consider withdrawing from the halal certification rort.

Send in halal certificates

Please send links to halal certificates, and we will keep a library online. Please only send certificates by Australian certifiers or certificates that list Australian sold products or brands. See current certificate library which will be updated as often as possible.

Must watch video. Not about halal certification, but as Brigette says “join the dots”.
Brigitte Gabriel: “The Plan to Destroy America from Within”. Substitue Australia for America, and the same is happening here.

News break!

Given that some Australian producers are lying to Australian consumers when questioned about their halal certification, we can now confirm that more than one producer has declared “none of our Australian products are halal certified”. This is straight out deception, as when quizzed more deeply, you will discover that their EXPORT products may hold halal certification. We are re-investigating especially the large brands currently listed as non halal, to ensure NONE of their products are halal certified.

Find out more

– about halal certification and Sharia creep in Australia. Start with Larry Pickerings 12 part series of articles, Part 1 here.

Please do your own checks before making any decision to purchase, or not to purchase any products.

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