9/11 Follow the Money. Published 15.1.2016

Excellent presentation from Clare Lopez, ex CIA.
UN facilitated global jihad? To bring about the implementation of UN law, one world government?

Published 23.6.2016

Warning to America (and all “surviving” western nations). Published March 2016.
Watch from 2.15 if you want to save 2 minutes!

Agenda 21 – United Nations Replacement Migration

One world order, the UN objective.
Note at around the 4 minute mark, Bob Brown, the then leader of the Australian Greens Party, admitted they are working toward a global government.

Well worth a listen.

1975, Australia signed up to the UN Lima Declaration.

Professor David Flint AM “Give us back our country”

Halal certification fees fund the spread of islam. $trillions globally annually. See how islam has transformed Luton, UK.
(link takes you to a Facebook page to view this video)

Video Luton

Is our “government” legitimate? It doesn’t look like it is. Make sure to watch past 8 minutes to get into the really interesting stuff.

An interesting interview with the author of the video above.

Extremely explosive revelations, specifically concerning Western Australia, but no doubt is in all states of Australia.

This video points out that the ’99 Referendum actually made most of our Constitution invalid.

“Australian Government acts of Treason”4 part video

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